Hyblate product self adjusting catheter

Hyblate’s unique self adjusting AFib catheter

Hyblate increases the efficacy of ablation procedures with a proprietary catheter that self-adjusts to the particular anatomy of each patient’s pulmonary veins.  Hyblate’s new generation ablation catheter is comprised of 12 independent arms, each fitted with an electrode that carries out the ablation procedure.  This allows the catheter to self-adjust to each patient’s unique pulmonary vein anatomy.  The design enables easier maneuverability and better contact with the targeted tissue resulting in a faster procedure and a more complete line of ablation.


Additionally, the Hyblate catheter includes a distal tip with a single electrode that can deliver point-by-point focal ablation if required by the physician during the procedure.

Hyblate’s unique AFib catheter provides:

  • More effective ablation (improved contact with tissue)

  • Improved lesion creation (continuous ablation)

  • Reduced tissue damage (controlled ablation)


Hyblate’s catheter is designed to work with both RF, the most common ablation energy, and electroporation, an alternative electrical energy source currently being studied in the clinical setting.

Hyblate’s treatment is expected to lead to higher success rates, reduced repeat ablation procedures, and improved patient outcomes in this very large global market.


1. Self-adjusting design improves delivery of ablation          energy for effective and fast one-shot ablation

2. Delivers both electroporation (EP) and radiofrequency
    (RF) energy

3. Distal tip electrode for focal ablation as needed 

hyblate balloon.PNG

More effective

Catheter self adjusts to individual anatomy improving tissue contact


2 in 1

Combining focal and one-shot ablation


Faster & Easier

Estimated under 30min



Lower complication rates